Hello! I am Maximilian Köhl, an OpenSource enthusiast and computer science student.



Jaspy is a Python VM written entirely from scratch in JavaScript with some unique features. Jaspy supports multiple threads, comes with an integrated debugger which offers remote debugging and provides a flexible preprocessor based architecture.

Python GTK Spellcheck

Python GTK Spellcheck is a simple but quite powerful spellchecking library for GTK written in pure Python. It's spellchecking component is based on Enchant and it supports both GTK bindings (PyGObject, PyGTK) as well as Python 3 and 2.

Python »libuv« CFFI Wrapper

Python »libuv« CFFI Wrapper is an object oriented CFFI based wrapper around the libuv network and asynchronous IO library. It is compatible with CPython as well as PyPy and supports all handles of libuv as well as filesystem operations, dns utility functions and miscellaneous utilities.


NeatAVR is an experimental library for AVR microcontrollers based on C++ meta programming. It provides an elegant Arduino like programming style without introducing any runtime overhead by utilizing C++ template classes and static methods.